Non-stop production

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In a manufacturing company there are two essential elements: production and safety. Therefore, it is very important that the reliability of your installation is optimal and that the appropriate maintenance is carried out to ensure the continuity of production and the safety of people and their environment.

At BCS we help you avoid unexpected shutdowns: you can carry out the maintenance of your facilities without stopping your production process. Or what is the same: guarantee the safety and efficiency of your factory while continuing to supply your customers



Do you need to conduct pipeline modifications or pressure tests?

In BCS, we will make it happen without having to empty out the pipelines. With mobile equipment, we circulate a refrigerating fluid at -50ºC in a concrete section. To do this, we take all parameters into account; diameter, fluids, material of the pipeline, etc. 

Mind you, the rest of your installations will keep running with normality.

You may be wondering whether the pipes suffer from any kind of damage throughout the process. The answer is no. If needed, we apply structural reinforcements so it stays as it was or even better than before.

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Have you detected a leak in your system?

We will go to your facilities to study the characteristics of your installation. With this information, we design and manufacture a clamp, tailored for the leaking pipe or equipment.

For its installation, we use a sealing compound that, together with the clamp, will completely eliminate the leak. As you can see, at no point in the process should production be stopped

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Do you need to create a new connection in a pipe, collector or tank?

At BCS we have the necessary technical equipment to carry it out without having to stop the process at any time. If the fluid requires it, we create an inert atmosphere in the section to be connected, preventing the product from going outside and eliminating any risk.

Diameters higher than 100 inches too!

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Have you found corrosion in the pipes of your installation?

It’s normal: over time, pipes, tanks and collectors lose their original properties due to corrosion and abrasion. Still, something can be done.

At BCS, we calculate and apply structural reinforcements using different products. In fact, we are certified applicators of the main manufacturers worldwide.

This way, we recover the original properties of your installation without affecting the continuity of your business

We use different application methodologies depending on the problem, such as LAY HAND-UP, Vacuum Molding or Infusion Molding

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Do you want to protect or repair damaged equipment?

There are many composite materials on the market, but not everyone knows how to apply them. BCS is a certified  for the application of composite materials of the main brands, such as LOCTITE, PPG AND CHEMLINE.

By applying these products, you will extend the life cycle of your assets or, if possible, recover their original properties. It will be like a brand new asset, but without the inconvenience of having to change it.

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Do you need to mechanize equipment, no matter what size it is?

If you can’t take them to a specialized workshop, it could be a problem. But don’t worry, we transport our equipment for machining and perform the operations you need on site.

We have equipment for cutting and bevelling, milling, boring and portable lathes. In a nutshell, we have almost any machine that you may need to mechanize your equipment.


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There are cases in which the only possible solution is to stop the flow totally or partially. If this happens, we plug the pipe to seal it from the inside. Thus, the flow is stopped and the necessary repair or maintenance can be carried out, reducing its impact.

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